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Tube Map


Design Junction at Kings Cross seemed the right place to finally create and present a three dimensional interpretation of the London Underground map in pipework; something that Nick has planned for some time. Polished copper pipes interweave at representative levels to celebrate the maps composition. Valves topped with a series of coloured washers have been used to reference the specific lines and interchanging stations with the brackets marking all other smaller stops.  

The adaptable nature of the Pipework Series has played a large part in its success so far, and Nick plans to continue exploring this with Tube Map and other larger scale installations.


Dimensions: (Board) H 130cm x W 241cm x D 16cm / (Pipework only) H 124cm x W 227cm x D 16cm

Materials: polished copper pipe / brass fittings / powder coated valves (other finish options available)

Commission Options

If you would like to discuss commissioning a Tube Map or any other bespoke pipework design, please do get in touch. Finish, scale and configurations are all adaptable to meet your specific requirements.

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