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Tube Map now available to order

Tube Map now available to order

We are very excited to announce that after a fantastic response at Design Junction, Tube Map is now available to order.

After nearly ten years of designing and manufacturing his signature product range, The Pipework Series, Nick was looking for a new challenge. With the obvious connotation between industrial plumbing work, underground tunnels and the graphic charm of the iconic map, the potential for this project was clear.

Keeping all lines to a polished copper was the simplest way to celebrate the maps composition at the same time as leaving the endless finish and layout options to the viewer’s imagination. Although to many Londoners, navigating the different lines and stations comes as second nature, a series of coloured washers have been included in the design to aid the less experienced city visitors. The adaptable nature of the Pipework Series has played a large part in its success so far, and Nick’s ambition is to continue exploring this with The Tube Map and other larger scale installations.

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