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Geometric Terracotta

Geometric Terracotta Range x Nick Fraser

Nick Fraser is very excited to be setting up shop at Design Junction’s retail venue, The Canopy, during this year’s London Design Festival. He will be offering a large selection of his popular product lines, as well as launching four striking new additions to the Geometric Terracotta range.  Nick has recently been working on his biggest Pipework installation to date which will form the spectacular backdrop to his temporary shop.  The raw metal design has been aptly inspired by the iconic London Underground map given Design Junction's new home near King's Cross Station.

Geometric Terracotta

The Geometric Terracotta range strikes a perfect balance between contemporary design and traditional material. Originally designed for the Barbican Art Gallery Shop during the OMA Architects exhibition, the irregular shape of Nick's Small Pot, was inspired by the clean lines of Rem Koolhaas' Casa da Música in Porto, Portugal. 
The pure, yet atypical form has been developed further and now Nick offers a larger range of his popular terracotta products.  Two recent additions to the range, both of which will debut at Design Junction, are the Vase and the Spot Pendant.  They maintain the same irregular geometry but in a more slender form.  Innovative 3D printing technology results in a crisp and clean finish.

Use of a natural material such as terracotta enables us to challenge our perception of its use; creating forms that are uncommon in its production. With each product available in both half-glazed and unglazed, the asymmetrical multi-faceted designs catch the light and shade beautifully on the two contrasting surface textures. Displayed in multiples, these angular forms give the illusion that each object is unique, creating a landscape of contrasting geometric shapes.

The entire range is made in the north of England by a traditional pottery. Each product is slip cast and then hand finished and glazed; giving them an individual finish and quality.