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Pipework Series

The Pipework Series Hall Stand x Nick Fraser

Nick’s most prolific range, The Pipework Series, celebrates the raw visual qualities of exposed pipes. This idiosyncratic collection is forever evolving, refreshingly re-imagining home wares that are built to last and make you smile.

The concept began as an installation piece called 'Hall Stand', which was first exhibited at the Salone Satelite, Milan, in 2007. Inspiration originated from the Kinetic sculptures by Jean Tinguely and the comic illustrations of Heath Robinson. The aim; to create a functional sculpture that appeared to be plumbed into the water system.

With such a positive reception, there was a succession of requests for smaller items with the same concept. The Pipework Series was created in reaction to this demand.

Currently, the standard collection comprises of three coat racks and three candle holders, available in eight colour and finishes. This range has evolved and changed countless times. The adaptability of the designs also allow us to work with people and find bespoke configurations and finish combinations to fit a variety of settings.

The limited edition range was developed to present designs that had a more expressive composition and finish. With only 30 being made of each design, when one design begins to sell out, a new version will be made. Created for those looking for something truly unique.

Designed and made by hand at the Somerset Studio from authentic brass compression fittings, the Pipework Series is built to last, offering a unique alternative to the more conventional choices.